Bush Campaign Lies

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Public Service Announcements 


Well, you've no doubt noticed an utter lack of posts over the past few days. Sorry about that. I thought I would be able to continue a hard push through the election, but it turns out I was wrong. Still, there's ample fodder here for you to pick through, argue about, and pass on to undecideds or Bush supporters of one stripe or another.

Two quick notes I want to make sure I get out there with as much time as possible left before the election. The first is a site which recently came to my attention which tries to provide nationwide one-stop shopping for finding your polling place. Pass it on:


The second is the Nation's 100 facts and one opinion against George W. Bush:

The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration

That may be all for this election cycle. Get out there, argue with people, GOTV, and vote yourself. It's unbelieveably important.

5:14 PM