Bush Campaign Lies

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Bush Campaign Lie #28: Kerry Flip-Flopped On Federal Health Benefits 

This is alleged Kerry flip-flop number 19. And I want to thank the GOP for making it so easy to debunk.

The evidence for the accusation this time comes from four Kerry quotes, two from 1993 which are critical of the health care plan then covering Kerry, and two from 2003 where Kerry touts his plan to give all Americans the same kind of health care coverage he (and all other elected representatives) receives.

Question: Is it possible that there were any changes in Kerry's health care plan during that 10 year period, which would have caused him to change his opinion about how great it is? Answer: Yes. According to one of the GOP's quotes, Kerry was covered by the "Beneficial Association of Capitol Employees", or BACE in 1993. Since that provider dropped out of the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program in 1999, it's absolutely certain Kerry is covered under a different plan now.

9:29 PM