Bush Campaign Lies

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush Campaign Lie #73: Most Anything Dick Cheney Says 

So, I just sat down to write up an extensive, well-documented post about the lies that were flying out of Dick Cheney's mouth a mile a minute at last night's debate, but it turns out I don't have to. The dean of liberal blogistry, Kevin Drum, has already done it much better than I ever could.

Actually, Kevin's not alone. Looks like folks all over the media noticed.

It seems that most folks (with the unsurprising exception of the So-Called Liberal Media) believe that Edwards won the debate by a small margin. Take into account the fact that most of Cheney's best attacks were lies, and it turns into a rout for Edwards.

Cheney's performance last night is the final, conclusive proof --- if any was still required --- that the Bush administration doesn't give a damn about the truth, and expects the American public to be sufficiently gullible to believe anything they happen to make up on the spur of the moment.

Clinton's critics were right. The American people should be able to trust their President and his administration. There should be no need for people like me to go around fact-checking everything the administration says. However, this administration has turned that standard on its head: they have lied so often and so shamelessly about so many things that there's no reason to trust a word they say.

Ironically, most of Clinton's critics (but not all) are now playing ostrich with their heads in the sand, pretending that they have a straight-talkin', principled cowboy running the show. I admit, it's a nice fantasy, folks.

But a fantasy is all it is. And if you don't snap out of it by November 2, you'll miss your chance to put a real adult in charge of things.

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