Bush Campaign Lies

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bush Campaign Lie #45: Kerry Flip-Flopped On View Of War On Terror 

This is the 33rd item which Republicans call a Kerry 'flip-flop'. Their justification is that in one speech, Kerry stated that the war on terror was 'basically a manhunt', and in another, that it 'isn't just a manhunt'.

No, really. That's the whole Republican case. You think I would make up something that weak?

For the sake of completeness, let's actually analyze what Kerry said in the two speeches the Republicans cite. First of all, is it possible for the war on terror to be 'basically a manhunt', but still not 'just a manhunt'? Of course it is. But even if it's not, this only proves that Kerry maybe isn't so great at analogies. In order to really discuss his 'view of the war on terror', it would probably make more sense to analyze his prescription for winning the war, don't you think?

So let's see. The first source says 'Kerry characterized the war on terror as predominantly an intelligence-gathering and law enforcement operation'. Okay. Intelligence and law enforcement. Let's compare that to the second source the Republicans cite, in which Kerry says

. . . the fight requires us to use every tool at our disposal. Not only a strong military – but renewed alliances, vigorous law enforcement, reliable intelligence, and unremitting effort to shut down the flow of terrorist funds.
So this is completely different. Sure, he mentions intelligence and law enforcement, but he mentions other stuff too! A radical departure from his earlier position!

Kerry's been in the public eye for more than 30 years, and this is the best evidence his opponents can give of his proclivity to take every side on every issue? In which case, it seems likely that Kerry has been remarkably consistent in his views.

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