Bush Campaign Lies

Monday, April 12, 2004

Bush Campaign Lie #31: Kerry Flip-Flopped On Medical Marijuana 

The GOP's whole justification for this claim arises from a single article which appeared in the Washington Times on August 8, 2003. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the Washington Times is widely acknowledged to be a de facto organ of the Republican party, the article begins with 'Medical marijuana fans are accusing presidential contender Sen. John Kerry of flip-flopping on the issue to the point where he now essentially embraces the Bush administration's position'. The article quotes a grand total of one 'medical marijuana fan' who seems to agree with this statement, Aaron Houston of Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana.

Mr. Houston is entitled to his opinion, of course, but he clearly does not speak for his organization as a whole, which gives John Kerry an overall A- rating for supporting their cause. Hardly the rating you would expect a flip-flopper to receive.

9:55 PM