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Thursday, August 05, 2004

The "Truth Squad" 

I had no idea there was a 'Bush Truth Squad: Keeping it real for the American people'. I guess this means that there isn't much use for the likes of me...if they do their job.

Obviously, I've been quite busy. I knew when I said I'd help over here, that I wouldn't have a whole lot of extra time...I just didn't realize how little I would actually be able to contribute.

I'm not doing a whole lot over at my other blog either. I've just been busy with the day to day business of life lately. Like everyone else, go figure. So see, even if you think we're complete opposites we have something in common after all!

Anyway, there's an online video/ad by the "Truth Squad" that I just looked at. You can go here to look at it.

I was just listening to AirAmerica, and happened to catch Al getting quite testy about a little matter of a new attack ad by Bush people/supporters. Not sure who has made it, and I'm trying to locate it. I listened to the clips that Al played and made some notes on his commentary, but I need to find this for myself and see/hear the whole thing.

Apparently, they are attacking Kerry's Vietnam record, his medals and well, trying to criticize his performance and question whether he deserved the medals that he received. There is a guy who claims to be a doctor, claiming that he was the one who treated Kerry for his wounds and saying that Kerry is lying about his injury(ies)...but then his name apparently isn't the same as the doctor who signed off on Kerry's treatment records, so there's a question of whether this is really the guy who initially treated him or not. This is but one of the claims and issues that Al was discussing and getting PO'd about.

Like I said, I need to find all of this for myself. When I do, I will share.

It would seem the assertions of the ad do not add up. That the people who claim to have "served" with Kerry, didn't actually serve under him? Or, in any close proximity that would support their claims of knowing him to be a poor leader or liar about his injuries or whatever. There's a great deal more who actually were there, that have in the past and continued to support him, so...I don't know why they keep trying this angle. I would think they could come up with more effective attack ad angles for Bush's money.

One thing is fairly certain, I don't know why Bush or any of his supporters would want to open that can of worms. If you're going to talk about military records, then it's only fair to compare, and I don't think they would want to focus on the comparison of Kerry vs. Bush military records. I would think they would be better off comparing something else that doesn't attempt to draw questions about Kerry that, at the same time, shines a glaring spotlight back at a question of Bush's service that they've been trying to avoid since before the last election. Not that anybody will ever know, since the records that would have proved Bush's questioned attendance/service, and shut up any claims about being AWOL, have mysteriously been burned. Maybe they're just convinced that since the issue has been so effectively swept under the rug in the past, that the media will only focus on any Kerry issues they raise -at least long enough to inject it into the meme cycle- while the questions around Bush and his service will continue to go on unanswered.

But that's just my opinion.

via dave at blogAmY, via Boston.com ... 'Veteran Retracts Criticism of Kerry'

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