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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mark Your Calendars - Grand Reopening September 27 

The short version: I have decided to begin actively maintaining this site again as of September 27.

The long version: Unlike the mighty Kevin Drum, no one pays me to maintain this site. I have a full-time day job. But beyond that, I'm also the father to a 3.5-year-old and an 18-month-old, both of whom tend to wake up a lot in the night. Those of you with children know what I'm saying. When I was previously writing this blog, I would get up before 6 AM, get the kids dressed and fed, drop them at day care, come in to work for a full day, go home, help clean up dinner, play with the kids, get them bathed and in bed, help with the household chores, then blog from 10:00 'til after midnight. And I rarely got to sleep straight through from midnight 'til 6:00.

And I never got to spend any quality time with my wife. In fact, at one point, I forgot her name. No, I didn't. But my life was becoming nasty, brutish, and endless. I needed a break.

However, thanks to reader Susan, I realize that the break has to end. The polls are still too close for comfort, and a startling number of people still seem to be unaware that the White House incumbent is perhaps the most atrocious president in our country's history. Seriously. The only people who should be supporting him are the folks who would vote for a canned ham as long as it was running as a Republican, and I can't believe those people make up more than 30% of the electorate.

Those of us who aren't afraid of facts and who understand what a disaster the Bush presidency has been have an obligation to insure that Bush doesn't get another term in office, even if he does cheat. So I'm coming back.

I'm taking a week hiatus from my day job, starting September 27, so that I can really go full-bore on the site for a week. After that, my hope is to debunk one lie a day through Halloween. November 1, I plan to help with Kerry's get out the vote efforts, and on Election Day, I'll be serving as an election judge.

I want to close by thanking a few people. First and foremost, I want to thank Amy of Blogamy fame for agreeing to guide this ship, if a bit hesitantly, during my hiatus. Second, I want to thank the startlingly large number of people who have continued to visit the site even though there's been precious little new content for the past three months. In particular, I want to thank those who wrote in, including Suzanne, Thomas, Silvia, David, Harry, Charlene, and Doug.

And especially Fanni and Susan. Fanni paid me a higher compliment than she could possibly imagine, and Susan is the one who made me realize it was time to dust off my keyboard and get the ball rolling again. Whatever impact this site has on the election between now and November, the credit goes to her.

So get ready folks. I know there are Bush supporters out there ready to challenge every statement I make, and I'm not going to have a lot of time to get into prolonged debates in the comment threads. So I'm going to be looking to Fanni, Amy, Lisa and all other reasonable people to help me out once things get started back up. I'm also going to ask for your help in publicizing the grand re-opening, since I'm too cheap to buy blogads. Let your friends, family and coworkers know where they can find the truth.

Let's go beat this guy.

7:49 AM